Geschichte der
B-17 #42-5337 / Short Shnorter III

Delivered Tulsa 12/11/42; West Palm Beach 12/12/42; Assigned 401BS/91BG [LL-J] Bassingbourn 8/1/43; Missing in Action 10m Bremen 17/4/43 with Nathan Lindsey, Co-pilot: George Slivkoff, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Seb Scavello, Radio Operator: Larry Brandenburg, Ball turret gunner: Joe Rekas, Waist gunner: Vic Hamrick, Waist gunner: Alvin Schipping,Tail gunner: Anthony Roy (8 Killed in Action); Navigator: Rocco Maiorca, Bombardier: Albert Dobsa (2 Prisoner of War); enemy aircraft, ditched North Sea, 11 miles NW of Isle of Norderney, Ger. /15807. SHORT SNORTER III.

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  1. von Theo Vanhedel am 10. September 2018 19:00 Uhr

    I am looking for years of the picture from this air craft how sure are you this is is the picture of Short Shnorter III. I am asking behalf the families from all crew members I am doing research and it seems no one has a picture op this plain.
    Can you please provide me the information. On behalf of the families I appreciate if you efforts and help,


    • von am 10. September 2018 21:18 Uhr


      I am very sure.

      B-17 #42-5337 is in Memphis Belle Reel #4 begins at minute 1:47 & reel #10 at minute 05:12:

      Do you agree and comfirm?


      • von Theo Vanhedel am 11. September 2018 16:55 Uhr

        Thanks for the links and you quick answer, still you have to convince me, what makes you sure this is the aircraft I am looking for mark points. Don’t want to be in great full waiting for your response.


        • von am 12. September 2018 10:45 Uhr

          Hello Theo,

          several point let me believe, that this is the B-17 #42-5337 (lost in April 1943)
          Click here for large photo:

          1. The Memphis Belle movie was filmed in early to summer 1943.
          2. B-17 #42-5337 was in same bomb group like the Memphis Belle – 91st BG.
          3. B-17 #42-5337 was in 401st BS of the 91st BG. Code was LL-J. You can see in the raw footage and on the photo the yellow J and two bars of the yellow „LL“ on fuselage.
          4. It can’t be on other sqadron of the 91st BG. Because: 322nd BG – Code: LG, 323rd BS – Code: OR-, 324th BS – Code: DF-, 401st BG – Code: LL

          The serial number on tail can’t be an other:

          For exampel:
          42-5327: Never left the USA
          42-5227: Assigned 97BG.
          42-5237: Assinged to RAF
          42-5233: 2nd BG, 301st BG
          42-5232: 305th BG (Code: WF-E)
          42-5222: Never left the USA.


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