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B-17 #42-5392 / City of Albuquerque aka Stric Nine

Delivered Tulsa 29/11/42; Salina 25/1/43. Assigned 427BS/303BG [GN-X] Molesworth 26/3/43, then 358BS [VK-O] ; 21m. Missing in Action Gilze-Rijen 19/8/43 with 6KIA – (bodies washed up weeks later). Enemy aircraft, #3 was out and wing on fire, ditched North Sea, off Hoek van Holland. Missing Air Crew Report 285. STRIC NINE / City of Albuquerque

Details 42-5392 / City of Albuquerque aka Stric Nine // #42-5392 Stric-Nine // #42-5392 Stric-Nine

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Crew 42-5392 / City of Albuquerque aka Stric Nine

P2LTLauren H. QuillenKIA
CP2LTJohn R. HomanKIA
BOMB2LTWilliam N. IrishKIA
ENG/TTT/SGTEldon F. RichterKIA
ROT/SGTSalvador J. DiCosmoKIA
BTS/SGTElbert O. PricePOW
WGS/SGTPaul W. AbernathyPOW
TG---Arthur K. SauerPOW

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