B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-5844

B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies 42-5844


MACR: 2098


Geschichte der
B-17 42-5844

Delivered Long Beach 17/3/43; Gore Fd 31/3/43; Memphis 8/4/43; Morrison 15/4/43; Assigned 341BS/97BG Chateau-du-Rhumel 23/4/43; Pont-du-Fahs 1/8/43; Depienne 15/8/43; Mechanical failure en route Turin 8/11/43, with 2Lt Robert L Festel, 2Lt Norman C Muller (2 Returned to Duty), 2Lt Edward D Shea, 1Lt William E Jacoby, T/Sgt William E Brink, T/Sgt Thomas J Monroe, S/Sgt William F Murray, S/Sgt Daniel J Mc Kenna, S/Sgt Daniel J Hamilton, S/Sgt George K Gill; who all bailed but Air Sea Rescue failed to locate 8 x KIA; MACR 2098.

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B-17 42-5844 Details

10 minutes into enemy territory #3 prop ran out of control, pilot ordred baleout, shortly after crew vacated A/C #3 prop flew off and A/C became controllable. Pilot/Co-pilot landed A/C on Calvi beach, when repairs were nearly complete a couple of days later, Fw190’s appeared and strafed the A/C setting it on fire.


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