Geschichte der
B-17 #42-6153 / Good Pickin

Delivered Long Beach 7/8/43; Pyote 8/8/43; used by 452BG and 100BG for training; 232 BU Dalhart 26/8/44; 235 BU Biggs 31/10/44; 2318 BU Alamogordo 8/1/45; 235 BU Biggs 10/1/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Kingman 30/10/45. GOOD PICKIN’.

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  1. von Ed Blanchard am 14. Mai 2019 20:41 Uhr

    My father-in-law, Wilford (Wilf) N. Bergener was a pilot with the 367th Squadron (Heavy) of the 306th BG. He flew more than 25 missions between Feb and Aug 1945 out of Thurleigh Field and brought all of his crew and a/c home. He piloted a B-17F-50-VE Fortress #42-6153, „Good Pickin“. I have a photo of him and his crew posed in front of their Fortress. I am happy to supply a copy along with details of his crew and a/c.


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