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B-17 #42-97083 / Flatbush Floogie

Delivered Cheyenne 25/1/44; Gr Island 20/2/44; Grenier 11/3/44; Assigned 728BS/452BG Deopham Green [9Z-Q] 16/3/44; Missing in Action Poznan 11/4/44 with Tom Gardner, Co-pilot: Carl West, Navigator: Jacob Brown, Bombardier: Jack Botham, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Leo Varner, Radio Operator: Lucius Birbeck, Ball turret gunner: Ray Stewart, Waist gunner: Henderson Head, Waist gunner: Alex Shewchuk,Tail gunner: Ray Cutshall (10 Prisoner of War); on return flak KOs two engines, crashed shallow water five miles W of Schillig, at mouth of River Jadebuesen, NW of Wilhelmshaven, Ger. Missing Air Crew Report 3932. FLATBUSH FLOOGIE.

Crew 42-97083 / Flatbush Floogie

P1LTThomas GardnerPOW
ROT/SGTLucius BirbeckPOW
BTSGTRaymond StewartPOW
WGSGTHenderson HeadPOW
WGSGTAlex ShewchuckPOW
TGSGTRaymond CutchallPOW

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  1. von Glen Birbeck am 23. August 2019 23:39 Uhr

    FLATBUSH FLOOGIE was my dad’s last mission in a B-17. He spent the rest of the war in Stahlag 17. Anyone out there related to any other crew member? I am working on a book. Are any of the crew still around? I will pass on that my mom remembers my dad, the radio operator, saying they ditched near Kiel because the navigator wasn’t very good at finding his way….even hugging the coast trying to get back to England. They took hits over target. Me? ex USN ex USAF in the navy NSG HFDF in the USAF Avionics C5, C141 and F106. Rota, Kef, Hamilton and Rein Main. Could have done 20 but got out at 7….stupid I guess.


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