Geschichte der
B-17 #42-97473 / Mairzy Doats aka Berlin Express

Delivered Denver 26/11/43; Kearney 12/12/43; Presque Is 19/12/43; Assigned 457BG Glatton 23/12/43; transferred 571BS/390BG [FC-O] Framlingham 23/12/43 HAP’S HAZARD; Missing in Action Boulogne 5/6/44 with Earl Armstrong, Ball turret gunner: Paul Ortega (2 Killed in Action); Co-pilot: Dan Johnson, {no nav}, Bombardier: Don Baker, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Everett Ludwig, Radio Operator: Harry Clark, Waist gunner: Basil Coats, Waist gunner: Tom Richey,Tail gunner: Bill Norrod (7 Prisoner of War); flak burst in bomb bay, crashed Dargnies, six miles E of Le Treport, Fr. Missing Air Crew Report 5481. MAIRZY DOATS aka BERLIN EXPRESS.

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