Geschichte der
B-17 #42-97556

Delivered Denver 20/12/43; 1SAG Langley 12/1/44; Mitchell 1/2/44; Assigned: 413BS/96BG [MZ-B] Snetterton (PFF) 4/2/44; detailed to Framlingham (390BG) to pick up PFF crew for a mission to Rostock 11/4/44 Pilot: Don McGregor, Co-Pilot: Ike Hightower, Navigator: Francis Uihlein, Engineer / Top Turret Gunner: Paul Morgan, Waist Gunner: Arthur Flint, Waist Gunner: Jim McLean, Tail Gunner: Jesse Graham; ground crew-Emmett Mathews*, ground crew-Nyle Smith* (9RTD all injured}; Bombardier: Lt John Petrowski), n-Lt George Petruchia, Radio Operator: Howell Thompson (3KIA); aircraft was shot down en route back to Snetterton by Me 109 night-fighter intruder, and crashed near church at Gt Glemham, Sfk., UK. (* these two groundcrew men were on flight for support and security for the PFF equipment while the aircraft was at Framlingham, some 32 civilians were also evacuated) Salvaged. 13/4/44.

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