Geschichte der
B-17 #42-97818 / Junior aka Crash Wagon III

Delivered Denver 6/3/44; Hunter 16/4/44; Grenier 9/5/44; Assigned 551BS/385BG [HR- ] Gt Ashfield 10/5/44; sustained electrical problems when taxying for mission take off 15/6/44 with Merle Nieman, Co-pilot: V. Graybowski, Navigator: K. Anderson, Bombardier: J.Klempel, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: R. McMillen, Radio Operator: E. Winrutt, Ball turret gunner: ? , Waist gunner: W. McMurray, Waist gunner: Limington,Tail gunner: D. Barry (10 Returned to Duty); once stooped a fire broke out followed by explosion which damaged Bombardier: 17 nearby 42-107232; Salvaged 15/6/44.

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