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B-17 #42-97872 / Rosie’s Sweat Box

Delivered Tulsa 22/3/44; Hunter 16/5/44; Dow Fd 25/5/44; Assigned 614BS/401BG [IW-A] Deenethorpe 1/6/44; crashed on take off Dutch flak inst. 17/9/44 with Francis Cooke, Co-pilot: Paul Clark, Navigator: Chas Werner, Bombardier: Frank Jorgensen, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Wilford Dahlin, Radio Operator: Bill Weston, Ball turret gunner: Joe Page, Waist gunner: John Browning,Tail gunner: Walt Ambrogetti (9KOM); hit the Weldon/Oundle Road, Northamptonshire, and exploded with full load of gas and bombs. Salvaged. ROSIE’S SWEAT BOX.

Details 42-97872 / Rosie’s Sweat Box

Crew 42-97872 / Rosie’s Sweat Box

P2LTFrancis E. CookeKIA
CP2LTPaul H. ClarkKIA
BOMB2LTFrank W. JorgensenKIA
ENG/TTCPLWilford M. DahlinKIA
ROCPLWilliam E. WestonKIA
BTSGTJoseph L. Page Jr.KIA
WGCPLJohn R. BrowningKIA
TGCPLWalter J. AmbrogettiKIA

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  1. von Cowboy am 06. Januar 2019 2:42 Uhr

    Writing story on Frank Jorgensen… one of 90 graduate from Toledo Ohio high school KIA wwII. He was on Rosie. Thank you… I have some photos of him


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