Geschichte der
B-17 #43-37527 / The Prowler

Delivered Cheyenne 26/4/44; Kearney 9/5/44; Grenier 25/5/44; Assigned 603BS/398BG [N7-X] Nuthampstead 13/6/44; battle damaged French V-sites 6/7/44 with Harry Sleaman, Co-pilot: Leon Waring, Navigator: John Allare, Bombardier: Jim Haas, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Elwood Davies, Radio Operator: Genharo Iorion, Ball turret gunner: Leon Weber,Tail gunner: Bob Adkins (9 Returned to Duty); over target flak KO’d #2 and #3 and other damage, then equipment thrown out and bombs salvoed; six men bailed out near Hastings, Sussex before aircraft crash landed Penshurst, Kent;Sal 2SAD Abbotts Ripton 9/7/44. THE PROWLER.

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