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B-17 #43-38077 / Tagalong aka Duke’s Mixture

Delivered Cheyenne 22/6/44; Hunter 14/7/44; Grenier 24/7/44; Assigned 615BS/401BG [IY-Q] Deenethorpe 5/8/44 DUKE’S MIXTURE; 614BS [IW-H]; Returned to the USA Bradley 6//6/45; 4169 BU Sth Plains 8/6/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Kingman 26/11/45. TAG A LONG.

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  1. von Jim am 03. August 2019 3:51 Uhr

    I have an old photo of this plane that were in my mother’s old photos with the crew in front of it. I have not been able to identify any of the crew members, but I’m sure someone in the photo had a connection to my mother.


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