B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 43-38085 / Towering Titan

B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies 43-38085 / Towering Titan


  • RCL: KY-L

MACR: 14172


Geschichte der
B-17 43-38085 / Towering Titan

Delivered Cheyenne 24/6/44; Hunter 17/6/44; Dow Fd 23/7/44; Assigned: 366BS/305BG [KY-L] Chelveston 11/8/44; MIA Dresden 17/4/45 Pilot: Brainard Harris, Earl Boyd, Herman Spurrier, Earl Losse, Louie Daybrook, Walt McClellan, Sam Williams, Ed Ganschow (8KIA); mid air coll w/jet aircraft, crashed Brux, Czecho; MACR 14172. TOWERING TITAN.

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B-17 43-38085 / Towering Titan Details

Crash site located about 20 years ago but remains still not recovered. S/Sgt. Walter Adell McClellan was only crew member who could bail out. But he was killed by SS soldiers after he was captured. McClellan had to dig his own grave, before the shot him. He was burried at first as an unknown american airman and was identified as Walter Adell McClellan – 65 years later in 2010.

Information from “Die Letzte Mission” (The Last Mission) by Matthias Schildbach
High recommended book!


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