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B-17 #43-38095 / McGuires Squires aka The A.M. Weathership

Delivered Cheyenne 25/6/44; Kearney 13/7/44; Grenier 20/7/44; Assigned 418BS/100BG [LD-X] Thorpe Abbotts 22/7/44 McGUIRE’S SQUIRES (npo); crashed on take off for mission 20/11/44 with Stan Dobrogowski, crew unknown; crashed Scole, near Diss, Nfk; Salvaged 2/12/44. THE A.M. WEATHERSHIP.

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  1. von Jeff Foote am 19. September 2018 22:26 Uhr

    Crashed at Scole, Norfolk near base one minute after take off from Thorpe Abbotts. At 400 ft a/c went into a deep left turn, lost altitude, hit tree and exploded. 6 KNO. COMP Capt Charles W. Mylius, JR; CP 1 Lt Malcolm E. Havard; WG S/Sgt Edward C. Lewek; P 1 Lt Stanley J. Dobrogowski; N 1 Lt. Henry R. Van De Vuurst; TG S/Sgt Loris M. Espeseth. Source 8th Air Force Museum.


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