Geschichte der
B-17 #43-38211 / Miss Gail Lynn

Delivered Cheyenne 8/7/44; Kearney 18/7/44; Grenier 3/8/44; Assigned 349BS/100BG [XR-R] Thorpe Abbotts 4/8/44; Missing in Action Merseburg 30/11/44 with Vermont Anderson, Norman Klasner, Stan Labuz, Nathan Sanderson, Frank Lusenko, Bert Lickliter (6 Killed in Action); Bill Sherling, Herb Olsen, Dudley Runnels (3 Prisoner of War); hit by enemy aircraft before bombs away, crashed Merseburg, Ger. Missing Air Crew Report 10831.

Crew 43-38211 / Miss Gail Lynn

P2LTVermont O. AndersonKIA
CP2LTWilliam G. SherlingPOW
BOMB2LTHerbert D. OlsonPOW
ENG/TTS/SGTDudley C. RunnelsPOW
ROS/SGTStanley W. LabazKIA
BTS/SGTNathan L. SandersonKIA
WGS/SGTFrank LusenkoKIA
TGS/SGTBert E. LicklitterKIA

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