Geschichte der
B-17 #43-38277

Delivered Cheyenne 15/7/44; Hunter 16/7/44; Dow Fd 9/8/44; Assigned 508BS/351BG [YB-O] Polebrook 21/8/44; 509BS [RQ-O]; in base taxi accident with Ed Ashton 20/1/45; 59m Returned to the USA Bradley 12/6/45; 4168 Base Unit, South Plains, Texas 15/6/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Kingman 17/12/45.

Details 43-38277

Hit by flak and set on fire on 09 September 1944. Fire was extinguished but gunners bailed out over England. Aircraft landed back at Polebrook. Pilot Lt. Richard B. Moulton.

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  1. von Trevor B am 08. November 2018 7:48 Uhr

    My grandfather flew his final mission in this aircraft. Mission to Lutzkendorf, Germany to bomb oil refineries. 11 September 1944. He was one of the gunners (Ball Turret) who bailed out of the plane. Unfortunately, his parachute did not open in time and he landed in a swamp.

    I am getting ready to build a model of this aircraft. If anyone has pictures of this or any other 351st BG B17 stationed at Polebrook in 1944, I would LOVE to see it!


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