Geschichte der
B-17 #43-38501 / Sweet Chariot

Delivered Cheyenne 10/8/44; Kearney 21/8/44; Grenier 7/9/44; Assigned 546th Bomb Squadron, 384th Bomb Group, Squadron Code BK-C, Grafton Underwood on 23 September 1944; Missing in Action on a mission to Pilsen, Czecho. on 25 April 1945 with Andrew Gordon Lovett, Stanley Frank Kloss, Milton J. Haney (3 evaded capture); Donald John Unger, Conrad W. Brown, Louis V. Froelinger, Robert j. Blasé, Walter Arthur Carney (5 Prisoner of War); shot down by flak, crashed near Pilsen, CZ. Missing Air Crew Report 14317. SWEET CHARIOT.

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  1. von David Lovett am 12. April 2019 21:43 Uhr

    I miss you Dad,
    Dave Lovett


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