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B-17 #43-38765 / Milk Run Special II

Delivered Lincoln 19/9/44; Grenier 11/10/44; Assigned 306BG Thurleigh 10/2/45; transferred 407BS/92BG [PY-L] Podington 9/5/45; Green Project, Salvaged 9AF 23/10/46. MILK RUN SPECIAL II.

Details 43-38765 / Milk Run Special II

Foto zeigt sehr wahrscheinlich die B-17 #43-38376. Siehe (unten) Kommentar von Dustin Bowen

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  1. von Dustin Bowen am 05. Mai 2018 17:53 Uhr

    In the picture the data block reads B-17G-85-BO. The 85 block ran from 43-38274 to 43-38473. It looks like there is a 3 under the first part of the roman numeral two which would make this 43-38376 of the 423rd bomb squadron 306th bomb group.


  2. von Dennis Herold am 09. Juli 2019 16:55 Uhr

    The Milk Run Special II is the B17 that I believe my father was a gunner on. If anybody has any info on this plane or its crews, PLEASE contact me. My family would love to know more about our father. He passed early in his life.


    • von David Bastida am 07. Oktober 2019 0:03 Uhr

      My father had pictures of this plane. It was one the B17’s he was assigned to work on as a supercharger mechanic after he was grounded due to bad sinuses.


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