Geschichte der
B-17 #44-6119 / White Lightnin

Delivered Tulsa 6/5/44; Hunter 15/5/44; Grenier 25/5/44; Assigned: 526BS/379BG [LF-A] Kimbolton 4/6/44; MIA Lutzkendorf 9/2/45 Pilot: Herb Pearlman, John O’Neill, Chas Francescani, Ray Maloney, Alva Bryant, Paul Kondravy, Wesley Wells, Fred White, Al Jervis (9POW); flak, crashed Gierath, Germany. MACR 12337. WHITE LIGHTENING.

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  1. von Mike Dehn am 09. Juni 2019 2:24 Uhr

    My grandfather was the bombardier for white lightnin. I guess he made all of his missions because he wasn’t part of the crash.

    His name was Arthur „Art“ Dehn. I believe he was a captain when he got out.

    He spun a few yarns about some of his close calls.

    One in particular was about a malfunction with some of the bombs that got stuck and didn’t exit the Bombay doors.

    When returning to England they were required to drop them in the English Channel for safety reasons I suppose. I imagine it was common practice.

    I wouldn’t want to land in a b-17 with bombs still in it.

    He passed away in the late 1990s in Florida. He had 6 children and a bunch of hell raising grandchildren who he loved to a fault. Great human being and we all miss him.

    Thanks for your service grandpa.


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