Geschichte der
B-17 #44-6441 / Mary Rose

Delivered Kearney 7/8/44; Grenier 15/8/44; Assigned 352BS/301BG Lucera 9/9/44; crashed Caserta, It., with Bob Francis 20/4/45. MARY ROSE.

Details 44-6441 / Mary Rose

Unfallopfer beim Absturz:

  • 1st Lt. Robert L. Francis (Pilot)
  • Lt. Col. Jack H Hitt
  • Lt. Col. Robert L Thomas
  • Capt. James C Jones
  • Capt. Howard A Leeser
  • Capt. David T Parrish
  • Capt. Seymour S Weisberger
  • 1st Lt. Edward H Carmichael
  • 1st Lt. Anna M Fisher
  • 1st Lt. Anne G Hemphill
  • 1st Lt. Curtis M Henderson
  • Major Kenneth J McCarthy
  • M/Sgt. Otto P Teaschner
  • T/Sgt.
  • Sgt. John A Sabas
  • Sgt. Millicent M Yates
  • Tec. 4 George D Burkhardt
  • Tec. 5 Dominick S Caccippio
  • Tec. 5 Lisa Zucker
  • PFC Frederick M. Sanders
  • Sgt. Woodrow P Harrison

Crew 44-6441 / Mary Rose

P1LTRobert L. FrancisKIC

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  1. von Charles Linford am 06. Oktober 2019 10:02 Uhr

    B-17 44-6441 Mary Rose . I have a copy of the crash inquiry report if anyone is interested. There was also one uk army officer on board Capt Ken Riley Royal Signals attached SOE who died.
    The report clarifies how the aircraft hit the side of the hill after the pilot aborted the landing in poor visibility.


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