Geschichte der
B-17 #44-6534 / Mary Emilia

Delivered Hunter 1/9/44; Dow Fd 18/9/44; Assigned 416BS/99BG Tortorella 10/10/44; Missing in Action {39m} Ruhland 22/3/45 with Bill Tappen, Johnson, Corcoran, Giarraputo, Hutton, Svacha, Gallagher, Barson, Foulk, Pacassi; flak, crashed Cottbus, Ger.; crew headed for Russian lines; Missing Air Crew Report 13243. MARY EMILIA.

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  1. von Vladislav am 26. Dezember 2018 8:21 Uhr

    According to Soviet reports, at 1600-1655 on 22 Mar 45, this B-17 crash-landed at Soviet-controlled Schroda airfield, 32 km SE of Poznan, Poland. 10 crewmembers were reportedly unharmed. The aicraft condition was described as „the right and left „outer“ engines are completely crippled, and the left „inner‘ engine is damaged.“


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