Geschichte der
B-17 #44-6643

Delivered Lincoln 2/10/44; Grenier 12/10/44; Assigned 96BS/2BG Amendola 20/10/44; taxi accident with Bill Donnell 16/12/44; {17m} crashed mountains near San Marco, It., on routine practice mission 4/2/45 with Richard Pinner, Co-pilot: Louis Waddell, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Nelson Nickel, (3 Killed in Service); Radio Operator: John Anastasi was injured with both legs broken but survived.

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  1. von Kim Beaird am 06. November 2018 19:42 Uhr

    The co-pilot is listed is Louis Waddell but I have documentation that it was Donald W. Waddell. Is there any chance at all there is a photo of this airplane? The family rumor is that it was called Little Audrey and was painted as such. Audrey was my grandmother, she would have been a little girl and Donald was her uncle.


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