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B-17 #44-8328

Edit entry 44-8328B-17 FLYING FORTRESS Warren’s prisoner ID card and POW dog tags from Stalag Luft I . Interesting note. My father told me he flew with his flannel pajama shirt under his flight suit that day (it was cold and he was in a hurry). When he was captured they took his flight suit and gave him the coat you see in this picture to wear for the photo. Because he did not have a dress shirt on, they wrapped a scarf around his neck which you can see in this picture. Show captionAbout this imageDelivered Kearney 10/8/44; Ogden 13/8/44; Grenier 20/8/44; Assigned 391BS/34BG Mendlesham 22/8/44; 18BS; Missing in Action Merseburg 7/10/44 with Warren Kiley, Navigator: Harry Steiner, Bombardier: Ken Covington, Radio Operator: Leo Curtin, Waist gunner: Omer Mongeon, Ball turret gunner: Bill Barry (6 Prisoner of War); Co-pilot: Dave Bailey, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Bill Frick,Tail gunner: Fred Dyer (3 Killed in Action); flak, crashed Merseburg, Ger. Missing Air Crew Report 9341.

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