Geschichte der
B-17 #44-8444 / Treble Four

Delivered Dallas 14-Sep-44; Hunter 29-Sep-44; Dow Field, Bangor, Maine 16-Oct-44; Assigned 836BS/487BG [2G-N] Lavenham 20-Nov-44; battle damaged Darmstadt 24-Dec-44 with Bob Harriman, Brig Gen Fred Castle, Larry Swain, Lt Claude Rowe tg (4 Killed in Action); Capt Edmund Auer, Henry Macarty ex nav, Paul Biri, Quentin Jeffers, Lt Bruno Procopio mickey-op, Lowell Hudson (6 Returned to Duty); enemy aircraft hit #4, crash landed Hods, Bel. (among Killed in Actionwas Brig Gen Fred Castle, 94BG CO who took aircraft down safely away from US troops below, and awarded posthumous Medal of Honor); Salvaged 28-Jan-45; Missing Air Crew Report 11552. TREBLE FOUR.

Crew 44-8444 / Treble Four

P1LTRobert W. HarrimanKIA
CPBGFrederick W. CastleKIAAir Leader
ENG/TTT/SGTQuentin W. JeffersRTD
ROT/SGTLawrence H. SwainKIA
WGS/SGTLowell B. HudsonRTD
TG1LTClaude L. RoweKIA
NAV21LTHenry P. MacArtyRTD
RCM1LTBruno S. ProcopioRTDWounded in aircraft; Bailed out; Died at military hospital Liege

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