Geschichte der
B-17 #44-8543 / Chuckie

Delivered All Weather Flying Centre Clinton 17/10/44; from Wright-Patterson with Warren Dennison 12/2/45; transferred as ETB-17 on weather recon/electronic countermeasures at Wright Fd 1949; on a daily mission to Andrews Fd, recording weather; had red tails, engines cowls and noses; Assigned Federal telecommunications Corp, Teterboro, NJ mid 1950s with wing-tip antennas fitted; released from USAF in 1959 and became as N3710G Breckenridge, Tx 1986; was a crop duster and freighter at Fort Worth 1988; now restored as airworthy as 486BG, Sudbury, Sfk., UK, colours at Vintage Flying Museum, Meacham Fd, Fort Worth as CHUCKIE.

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