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B-17 #41-24512 / Rose O’Day

Assigned 322BS/91BG [LG-N] Bangor 1-Sep-42; Bassingbourn 29-Sep-42; Missing in Action (MIA) 7+m Hamm 4-Mar-43. Aircraft sustained repeated attacks by fighters and crashed into the North Sea just of the southern tip of Texel Island, Holland. The crew was ordered to bale out, but most landed in the sea and were lost. Co-pilot: 1LT Harold E. Kious rescued by ferryboat Dr Wagemaker, and then captured as a POW. Missing Air Crew Report 3721. ROSE O’DAY.

Details 41-24512 / Rose O’Day

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Crew 41-24512 / Rose O’Day

P1LTRalph A. Felton, Jr.KIA
CP1LTHarold E. KiousPOW
BOMB1LTWilliam H. HyltonKIA
ENG/TT---Elio TraversoKIA
ROS/SGTRobert M. PaulPOW
BTS/SGTRobert J. LarsonKIA
WGS/SGTWalter L. Bliven, Jr.KIA
WGS/SGTBraden C. GriffinPOW
TGS/SGTAndrew H. BurnettKIA

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