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B-17 #41-24588 / Carter and His Little Pills

Assigned to the 364BS/305BG at Presque Isle, Maine 19-Oct-42; Grafton Underwood 25-Oct-42; Missing in Action 8-Mar-43. Aircraft was on a mission to bomb the railroad marshalling yards at Rennes, France. The aircraft sustained battle damage from anti-aircraft fire and enemy fighter attacks. Ditched in Channel ten miles off Selsey Bill, UK on return. 10KIA Missing Air Crew Report 15718.

Crew 41-24588 / Carter and His Little Pills

PCPTJoseph W. CarterKIA
CP1LTRobert R. GrayKIA
BOMB1LTWIlliam G. MoorerKIA
ROT/SGTClyde T CourtneyKIA
BTS/SGTJoseph C. MaxwellKIA
WGS/SGTWinfred B. ShirleyKIA
WGS/SGTBurns R. DayleyKIA
TGS/SGTGraves B. RiserKIA

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