Geschichte der
B-17 #41-2536

Delivered MacDill 29/1/42; Assigned 28BS/19BG Hawaii 3/42; transferred 43BG Melbourne, Aus.; damaged Rabual 7/8/42 with J. Doherty, (gunner Killed in Action); Missing in Action in Japanese shipping raid off Lae, New Guinea 22/11/42, with John Frost (65BS/43BG), Co-pilot: Bob Guenther, Navigator: P/O Alan Fairfax (RAAF), Bombardier: Frank Colburn, Gerald Shaughnessy, Roger Feind, Carl Griffin, Arnold Osborn, Paul Paulson, David Thomas (10 Killed in Action) and crashed in sea. No trace or MACR. (6 chutes seen off Lae).

Crew 41-2536

P2LTJohn Frost IIKIA
CP2LTRobert A. GuentherKIA
BOMB2LTFrank M. ColburnKIA
ENG/TTCPLGerald P. ShaughnessyKIA
ROPVTRoger H. FeindKIA
BTPVTCarl A. GriffiKIA
WGPVTArnold G. OsbornKIA
WGPVTPaul H. PaulsonKIA
TGPVTDavid J. ThomasKIA

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