Geschichte der
B-17 #41-2650

Delivered Minneapolis 7/3/42; Assigned 93BS/19BG Hawaii 5/5/42; then Townsville, Aus.; Missing in Action Rabual 17/9/42 with Claude Burcky, Co-pilot: Gus Rapisardi, Bombardier: Don Miller, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Lloyd Chamberlain, Radio Operator: John Naglich, Waist gunner: Norris Reyolds, Waist gunner: Larry Johnson,Tail gunner: George Schmid (8RTD, four picked up by RAAF Catalina); Navigator: Bill Meenagh (KIA body never found); crew bailed out near Weiper, Cape York, Qld, Aus; aircraft found on Coen River on Gulf of Carpentaria. Salvaged. Missing Air Crew Report 16432.

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