Geschichte der
B-17 #42-31550 / Green Hornet 2nd

Delivered Denver 21/11/43; Kearney 14/12/43; La Guardia 21/12/43; Presque Is 23/12/43; Assigned 534BS/381BG [GD-G] Ridgewell 13/1/44; Missing in Action [55M] Cologne 17/10/44 with Rice; flak, force landed Speelberg, near Holsbeek, NE of Louvain, Bel. some crew bailed, 2WIA but all OK; Salvaged 21/11/44. GREEN HORNET 2ND.

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  1. von Bill Lewandowski am 06. Mai 2019 2:36 Uhr

    My father was a tail gunner on this B-17 Green Hornet 2nd. I have photos of him with the crew. He did 35 missions. Gallagher and Palmer pilots. Did this aircraft continue after his tour with it? I read it crash landed? My father has the DFC and just checking. Thank you.


  2. von PAUL BOON am 06. Mai 2019 17:00 Uhr

    Your comment specifies that Green Hornet 2nd 42 31550 G was salvaged on 21-11-1944.
    However a picture of my collection shows this plane with a cornfield in the background, i.e. summertime
    Moreover people of the village Kortrijk-dutsel, in which plane crash landed and being the village of mij birth place, confirm that the plane remained at his crash location for at least one year.
    As a result I presume that date of salvage shoud be earliest 21-11-1945


  3. von Jean De Coster am 09. Oktober 2019 19:48 Uhr

    Today I saw that the crash landing of this B-17 will be remembered next sunday near the fields where it crashed.
    This field is near the farm of my grandparents and my mother saw the landing of the plane with her own eyes.
    She remembers it all as was it yesterday and can tell a lot off it.
    At that moment my mother was only16 years old and she is now 91 years old.
    She knows very much details on how the plane crashed with the wheels going into the earth as there was a an edge in the field that has now gone away by ploughing from the farmes with tractors.
    At that time my mother used this edge in the field to get easyly on the back of the horse.
    She still has a photo with my mother sitting on the plane.
    That ’s why I will visit the event next sunday.


    • von am 10. Oktober 2019 8:54 Uhr

      Thank you for sharing, Jean!
      Can I get a copy of the photo for this web site?


    • von PAUL BOON am 25. Oktober 2019 18:26 Uhr

      Hallo Jean,
      Ik heb u ontmoet op de herdenking. Ik was jouw naam vergeten. Uw grootmoeder moet „in de volksmond“ Meen Vertessen zijn. Samen met Bart Robberechts, die de presentatie gaf, schrijf ik een artikel over deze crash. Wij zoeken nog bijkomende ooggetuigen. Is het mogelijk met jouw grootmoe over deze crash eens te spreken ? Hierbij geef ik tevens het email adres van Bart :



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