Geschichte der
B-17 #42-97153 / Darling Doris aka Daring Doris

Delivered Cheyenne 3/2/44; Gr Island 7/2/44; Kearney 24/2/44; Assigned: 333BS/94BG [TS-E] Rougham 3/3/44 DARLING DORIS; 410BS [GL-X], 331BS; battle damage Bohlen 11/9/44 Pilot: Chas Duda, Norman Tipton, Dick Bishop, John Caro, Ed Moore, Joe Cunneen, Walt Howard, Tom Kulak, Tom Mazurkiewicz (9KIA); mid air coll w/42-31653 (94BG), and broke in half at ball turret, crashed Audigast, Germany. MACR 8841. DARING DORIS.

Details 42-97153 / Darling Doris aka Daring Doris

Kollision in der Luft mit der B-17 #42-31653 am 11. September 1944.

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  1. von Justin am 12. Januar 2019 23:09 Uhr

    My grandfather was on the other plane that collided witht his crew. I would love to exchange any information if possible. Thank you.


  2. von Justin am 18. Januar 2019 22:46 Uhr

    Does anyone have pictures on this aircraft/crew?


  3. von Charles J Buehler am 07. August 2019 17:40 Uhr

    My uncle was the pilot of Daring Doris


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