Geschichte der
B-17 #43-37714

Delivered Cheyenne 15/5/44; Kearney 24/5/44; Dow Fd 1/6/44; Assigned 708BS/447BG [CQ-G] Rattlesden 3/6/44; Missing in Action Hannover 18/6/44 with Mark Golden (Killed in Action); Co-pilot: Jim Waltonblack, Navigator: Alvin Long, Bombardier: Jim McColgan, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Homer Howes, Radio Operator: John Kauffman, Ball turret gunner: Fred Slater, Waist gunner: Rudi Giannoni, Waist gunner: Guido Valentine,Tail gunner: Ray Gaswint (9 Prisoner of War); flak KOd #2, then fire broke out in cockpit and ship exploded, crashed Ohlum Gross Lobke area, 10 miles NE of Hildersheim, Ger. Missing Air Crew Report 5902.

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