Geschichte der
B-17 #44-6820 / Miss Purty

Delivered Lincoln 18/11/44; Dow Fd 3/12/44; Assigned 18BS/34BG Mendlesham 12/12/44; Missing in Action Brandenburg 10/4/45 with Paul Roscher, Co-pilot: Roger Revay, Navigator: Lou Long, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Bill Scheinost, Radio Operator: Frank Fogg, Waist gunner: John Doronsky (6 Prisoner of War); tog-Walt Binder, Ball turret gunner: Glen Lyon,Tail gunner: Jim Johnson (3 evaded capture); flak, crashed Brandenburg, Ger. Missing Air Crew Report 14198. MISS PURTY.

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  1. von Gene Reiser am 27. November 2018 17:40 Uhr

    I believe the name of this plane was Gotta Haver, and the report was filed by Miss Purty. Unless Paul Roscher happened to be assigned a different plane for the mission, which was the Miss Purty, but all those listed were his crew. I believe the # for Gotta Haver was 446820 or 44-6820 as shown above. The Engineer/Top Turret Gunner is a friend of mine and is still alive at 95, but has dementia unfortunately. Great stories he had back when in good health.


  2. von Gene Reiser am 01. Dezember 2018 3:03 Uhr

    You’re correct, they were in Miss Purty. Sorry for the confusion!


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