Geschichte der B-17 #44-8220

Delivered Dallas 12/7/44; Langley 7/8/44; Hunter 27/8/44; Dow Field 18/9/44; Assigned 350BS/100BG [XR-B] Thorpe Abbotts as PFF 20/9/44; Missing in Action Brunswick 3/3/45 with Jack Thrasher, Cecil Baker, Lt Willis McGuire (3 Killed in Action); Chas Bayha, Gerald Rimmel, Harry Bott, Tom Browning, Albt Egsieker, Ray Muffley (6 Prisoner of War); hit by jet enemy aircraft which caught fire and snapped off after explosion, crashed Dettum, Ger. Missing Air Crew Report 12892.

Crew 44-8220

P2LTJack W. ThrasherKIA
CP2LTCharles S. BayhaPOW
ENG/TTT/SGTThomas C. BrowningPOW
ROT/SGTAlbert L. EgsiekerPOW
WGS/SGTRaymond U. MuffleyPOW
TGS/SGTCecil A. BakerKIA
RCM1LTWillis R. McGuireKIA

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