Delivered Cheyenne 8/6/45; Hunter 14/7/45; Slated Oahu 7AF, transferred Sth Plains 25/10/45; 4168 Base Unit, South Plains, Texas 30/4/46; 4134 BU Spokane 11/9/46; 594 BU Topeka 15/9/46; re-ass 31/3/47; 1377 BU Westover 22/5/47; crash landed on frozen Dyke Lake, Labrador 23/12/47 with Chester Karney and cp Jack Bullington, eventually aircraft sank when ice melted and found in 1998. After years of negotiation with Canadian government was recovered 9/10/2004 and acquired by Don Brooks, of Douglas, Ga. with restoration currently by Tom Riley.

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