Geschichte der
B-17 #38-583

Delivered Salt Lake City 7-Sep-40; Assigned 9BS/7BG Selfridge Field, damaged in taxi accident 24-Feb-41; Scott 24-Jul-43 to Warner-Robins; with Ed Lundberg force landed Myrtle Beach, SC 7-Oct-43; with Ed Lundberg crash landed Dale Marbry Field, FL 4-Dec-43; Written off 6-Dec-43. Never used in combat, never served in the UK.

Details 38-583

Photo shows 2Lt. Raymond B Smisek on pilot’s seat of #38-583. He was asigned to 314th BW, 330th BG, 458th BS and flew 22 missions as an Aircraft Commander.

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  1. von Stephen A. Smisek am 08. Januar 2019 11:32 Uhr

    I have a photo of this bomber at Hendricks Field taken in late 1943


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