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B-17 #41-24351 / Heinie Headhunters

Assigned 352BS/301BG Chelveston 12/7/42; Tafaraoui 24/11/42, as HEINIE HEADHUNTERS {52m}; force landed Tafaraoui with Bill Condy 30/11/42; 416BS/99BG Tortorella 12/43 {21m}; 840BS/483BG Tortorella 31/3/44; Returned to the USA 13/6/44; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Albuquerque 17/7/45; from 99th renamed TAIL END CHARLIE. (? As MY LOVIN’ DOVE ditched after enemy action near Nauri Is, SWPac 9/2/42. Crew rescued after 66 days at sea?).

Details 41-24351 / Heinie Headhunters

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  1. von William am 14. Oktober 2017 6:42 Uhr

    My Grandfather was Capt. William Condy who is flying the Heine Headhunter in this picture during WW2. Growing up as a boy I would listen to his stories and times during the war, his missions out of North Africa and over southern Europe. I remember seeing his wings and Distinguished Flying Cross in a case on the wall. I remember playing with the flight wheel of the Heine Headhunter that he still had from when the plane was done after the war and his crew had snagged it for him, his name and rank still etched in white on the Black Boeing wheel. This is the only Photograph I have ever seen of him with the plane in the air. Thank you so much for this!!!


    • von William am 14. Oktober 2017 6:43 Uhr

      I forgot to mention that he said he paid a guy a box of Cigars to paint the Zulu warrior Heine Headhunter cartoon on the side of the plane.


    • von am 14. Oktober 2017 9:31 Uhr

      Hello William,
      thank you very much for the interesting story about your Grandfather!


      • von William am 15. Januar 2019 2:28 Uhr

        I wanted to update a correction. His name and rank were NOT etched into the flight wheel. My childhood memory must have invented that detail. I learned of this because my Uncle who is in possession of the wheel corrected me on my mistake. I now have pictures of the wheel but am not sure how to posted them here. I also have several other pictures of my Grandfather from his time flying the plane during the war. Not sure if you are interested in any of the pictures, but if you are, let me know and I can send some to you.


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