Geschichte der
B-17 #41-24486 / Man O‘ War

B-17F 41-24486 ‚Man O‘ War‘ assigned 306BG/367BS Westover 17-August-42; Thurleigh 13-October-1942; Missing in Action on mission to bomb the U-Boat pens at St Nazaire, France. 9-Nov-1942. Hit by flak KO’d #2, with two others damaged, crashed into the harbour at St. Nazaire, France. 11KIA MACR 16172.

Crew 41-24486 / Man O‘ War

P2LTJames M StewartKIA
CP2LTWilliam W Dickey, Jr.KIA
BOMB2LTJohn A. CreamerKIA
ENG/TTT/SGTCharles J. Meriwether, Jr.KIA
ROT/SGTThomas A. McMillanKIA
BTS/SGTRaymond C. SchmoyerKIA
WGS/SGTGeorge R. RumphKIA
WGS/SGTJack M. WheelerKIA
TGSGTMartin M. BartheKIA
OBS---Hugh L. LanganKIA

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