Geschichte der
B-17 #41-24534 / Omar Khayyam aka The Plastered Bastard

Delivered Cheyenne 2/8/42; Hamilton,Ca, 5/9/42 orig Assigned 403BS/43BG detailed Mareeba, Aus 5/9/42; transferred 98BS/11BG New Caledonia; Missing in Action Henderson Fd, to New Georgia 1/12/42 with Capt Willis E. Jacobs, Co-pilot: Stan Sommers, Navigator: Clarry Johnson, Bombardier: Bill Jackinczky, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Eino Hamalainen, Radio Operator: Delos Tuffey, Clair Glover, Ray Lindamood, Art Lemar (9 Killed in Action);Tail gunner: Joe Hartman (RTD – bailed out over Bougainville down 150 yds off beach, met natives & returned weeks later); coll with Jap fighter cut aircraft in two. OMAR KHAYYAM, THE PLASTERED BASTARD.

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