Geschichte der
B-17 #41-24608 / Yahoodi

Assigned with a crew on 10-Jul-42 at Alamogordo Field, Alamgordo, New Mexico, The aircraft was the first of the 303rd to arrive at Moleworth on 12-Oct-42. Missing in Action 3-Jan-43, sustained damage from anti-aircraft fire over the target and crashed into the sea near Belle Ile-en-Mer, France. 7KIA 3POW Missing Air Crew Report 15720.

Crew 41-24608 / Yahoodi

P1LTFrank A. SaundersPOW
CP2LTLeonard W. KirkKIA
BOMB2LTNorman KossisKIA
ROT/SGTWalter M. ClevengerKIA
BTS/SGTLeif H. HoklinPOW
WGSGTRufus C. LittonKIA
WGSGTHoward A. HighKIA
TGS/SGTRussell O. ChitwoodKIA

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