Geschichte der
B-17 #41-2489 / Suzy Q

Delivered MacDill 4/1/42; Assigned 93BS/19BG Java 7/2/42 with Hardison; 7BG, took part in all Pacific battles except Midway; claimed 26 enemy a/c; transferred to Mareeba, Aus, 9/42; Returned to the USA Hamilton 23/10/42; Geiger 25/3/43 when mechanic Herb Turner was involved in taxi accident 25/3/43; to Colorado Springs with Marcellis Kerschen force landed Hamilton Fd 12/10/43; with Art Brashear force landed five miles N of Junction City, KS 10/5/44; Peterson 8/6/44; Smoky Hill 12/7/44; San Bernadino 31/12/45; Recl Comp for spares 15/7/46. SUZY-Q.

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  1. von Sherwood Parker am 15. November 2019 2:39 Uhr

    Hello, I am trying to find out if there was more than one „Suzy-Q“? And if so, which one did the war bond tour when she came home?

    Once I find the right one, I have a bit mo memorabilia which needs to rejoin the Suzy-Q.

    thank youi,

    Sherwood Parker


    • von am 15. November 2019 16:12 Uhr

      Hello Sherwood,

      this is the only Suzy Q, which did war bond tour.
      Other B-17s named Suzy Q or had this name, went lost in combat.


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