B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-107025 / Little Chum

B-17 #42-107025 / Little Chumzoom_in

Karl E. Van Over



Geschichte der
B-17 42-107025 / Little Chum

Delivered Tulsa 31/1/44; Grenier 5/3/44; Assigned: 711BS/447BG Rattlesden 7/3/44; 710BS; crash-landed base Pilot: Harry Jennings 29/1/45; Salvaged. 1/2/45.

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B-17 42-107025 / Little Chum Details

Leonard Harding VanOver, Ball Turret Gunner/Togglier, is front row-center (kneeling) in the photo above. This well-worn photo is a scan of only a 3-inch x 4-inch print that was carried in Leonard Harding VanOver’s wallet from when the photo was taken (c. 1943-5) until his death in 2003, while the other was preserved.

Foto: Karl E. Van Over

Leonard Harding VanOver, Ball Turret Gunner/Togglier, is 3rd from the left, back row (standing)


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