Geschichte der
B-17 #42-107188 / Ramp Rooster

Delivered Tulsa 18/3/44; Kearney 29/3/44; Dow Fd 6/4/44; Assigned 602BS/398BG [K8-G] Nuthampstead 5/5/44; (42m) Missing in Action Bingen, Ger 29/12/44 with Mahlon Erickson, Navigator: Paul Nachtwey, Radio Operator: Claiborne Graves, Ball turret gunner: Lowell Thompson, Waist gunner: Jim Sewell,Tail gunner: Bob Morden (6 Prisoner of War); Co-pilot: Adolph Huesgen, Bombardier: Lionel Leitner, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Emil Peterson (3 evaded capture); flak hit #2, crashed near Liege, Bel/Lux border; Missing Air Crew Report 11348 [?11346]. RAMP ROOSTER.

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  1. von John Sherrod am 15. Dezember 2017 4:18 Uhr

    This picture is not correct. This is not the Erickson crew. This is the Doerstler crew. The belly gunner is my great Uncle Frederick Sherrod.


    • von am 15. Dezember 2017 7:26 Uhr

      Yes, that’s right. I could not found a picture of the Erickson crew. But I hope the aircraft is correct.


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