Geschichte der
B-17 #42-3113

Delivered Cheyenne 4/3/43; Dow Fd 16/4/43; Assigned 94BG /43; transferred 525BS/379BG [FR-F] Kimbolton 3/43; Missing in Action St Nazaire 29/5/43 with Art Hale, Co-pilot: Stuart Sharp, Navigator: Vern Andruskeiwicz, Bombardier: Jerry Ahernm, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Chas Ford, Radio Operator: Joe Lasitor, Ball turret gunner: Chester Whitney, Waist gunner: Chester Moore, Waist gunner: Lee Hilton,Tail gunner: Larry Josselyn (10 Prisoner of War); flak, crash landed with pilot & rop, at Pontivy, 30 miles N of Vannes, Fr. Missing Air Crew Report 1292.

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