Geschichte der
B-17 #42-31749

Delivered Cheyenne 10/12/43; Gt Falls 20/12/43; Oklahoma City 6/1/44; Love Fd 15/1/44; Maxwell 16/1/44; Savannah 18/1/44; Homestead 28/1/44; Assigned 20BS/2BG Amendola 28/1/44; Missing in Action Villaorba 18/3/44 with Willard Butler, Co-pilot: Bob Drake, Navigator: Chas Evert, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Martin Hutchinson, Radio Operator: Paul Henderson, Ball turret gunner: Jim Howton, Waist gunner: Cantello Strickland, Waist gunner: Andy McCrossan,Tail gunner: Horace Maddux (9 Killed in Action); Navigator: Adam Pyzyna (Prisoner of War); Ju88 shot off tail with rocket; one chute seen, crashed on Cres Island; Missing Air Crew Report 3257.

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  1. von Joe Nacchio am 28. August 2018 21:09 Uhr

    Adam Pyzyna was not a POW but lived with partisans for several months until returned to the allies. He died almost exactly a year after 749 was shot down in an accident in Florida in a B26 taking off that crashed into a landing P38; the tower having cleared both planes. My family has been looking after Andrew McCroosan’s grave since I was a kid (I’m 57 now) in Pennsylvania.


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