Delivered Cheyenne 16/3/43; Dow Fd 24/5/43; Assigned 410BS/94BG [GL- ] Earls Colne 28/5/43; Rougham 13/6/43; Missing in Action Kiel 13/6/43 with Lloyd Weldon, Co-pilot: Bob Curtis, Navigator: Wilson Brown[body washed up Sonderskov, Den., Bombardier: Quinton Williamsbody washed up near Kiel, Ger., Radio Operator: Roger Beadle, Ball turret gunner: Harry Pyle, Waist gunner: Willis Rosenberger, Waist gunner: John Gonzales,Tail gunner: Sam Collins (9 Killed in Action); Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Chas Hale (Prisoner of War); enemy aircraft, ditched Baltic Sea. Missing Air Crew Report 15839; BUCKSHOT.

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