Geschichte der
B-17 #42-3362 / Cultured Vulture

Delivered Denver 25/5/43; Dow Fd 5/7/43; Assigned 533BS/381BG Ridgewell 5/7/43; transferred 2 Base Air Depot, Lt Staughton 7/1/44; then MTO 340BS/97BG Chateau-du-Rhumel 13/7/43; Pont-du-Fahs 1/8/43; Depienne 15/8/43; Cerignola 20/12/43; Amendola 16/1/44; Missing in Action Ponte Corvo 22/1/44 with Lowell Oberly, McDonough, Murphy, Iverson, Dean, Dorado, Anderson, Bauer, Rickard; crashed Ponte Corvo, Missing Air Crew Report 2032. CULTURED VULTURE.

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  1. von John am 15. November 2018 5:19 Uhr

    My dad, Joseph E. Bauer, was the tail gunner on this plane. Spent 18 months in prison camp. Would be 100-years old within the next few weeks. If anyone has old photos of the plane and crew, I would love to get a copy. Thanks


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