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B-17 #42-38078 / Sweet Pea

Delivered Denver 6/12/43; Savannah 23/12/43; Assigned 347BS/99BG 7/1/44; 14m transferred 429BS/2BG Amendola 28/3/44; severe battle damaged Debreczen 21/9/44 with Guy Miller, Co-pilot: Tom Rybovich, Navigator: Theo Davich, Bombardier: Bob Mullen, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Jim MaguireWounded in Action, Radio Operator: Tony FerreraWounded in Action, Ball turret gunner: Bill Stueck (7 Returned to Duty); Waist gunner: Jim Totty,Tail gunner: Elmer Buss (2 Killed in Action); crash landed base and broke in half, then after repair aircraft was flown again by Miller 1/12/44; flown with Bill Morton 1/6/45 crash landed Bari, Italy, destroyed by fire. SWEET PEA.

Details 42-38078 / Sweet Pea

B-17 #42-38078 'Sweet Pea' am 21 September 1944 // B-17 #42-38078 ‚Sweet Pea‘ am 21 September 1944

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  1. von Guy Miller am 16. Oktober 2019 6:19 Uhr

    I have a photo of the nose art of Sweet Pea since it was my father’s plane. There does not seem to be one on the web. If anyone is interested feel free to email me.


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