B-17 Flying Fortress - Foto der B-17 42-38078

B-17 42-38078
Foto der B-17 #42-38078 / Sweet Pea



Delivered Denver 6/12/43; Savannah 23/12/43; Assigned 347BS/99BG 7/1/44; 14m transferred 429BS/2BG Amendola 28/3/44; severe battle damaged Debreczen 21/9/44 with Guy Miller, Co-pilot: Tom Rybovich, Navigator: Theo Davich, Bombardier: Bob Mullen, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Jim MaguireWounded in Action, Radio Operator: Tony FerreraWounded in Action, Ball turret gunner: Bill Stueck (7 Returned to Duty); Waist gunner: Jim Totty,Tail gunner: Elmer Buss (2 Killed in Action); crash landed base and broke in half, then after repair aircraft was flown again by Miller 1/12/44; flown with Bill Morton 1/6/45 crash landed Bari, Italy, destroyed by fire. SWEET PEA.

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