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B-17 #43-37990 / Parker’s Madhouse

Delivered Cheyenne 13/6/44; Kearney 25/6/44; Grenier 6/7/44; Assigned: 547BS/384BG [SO-G] Grafton Underwood 23/7/44; battle damage Nurnberg 3/10/44 Pilot: ‚; forced landing Belgium. ium, Salvaged. 14/11/44. PARKER’S MADHOUSE (Remains found on farm at Tremelo, near Brussels, and most cleared away by scrapmen. However the tailplane was used on the farm for about 60 years and is now a project for restoration Belgian Aviation History Society).

Details 43-37990 / Parker’s Madhouse

B-17 #43-37990 / Parker’s Madhouse crash site

Crew 43-37990 / Parker’s Madhouse

P---John Montague Mock, JrRTD
CP---Alexander Dale Milne, JrRTD
BOMB---Walter Francis PuchalskiRTD
ENG/TT---James Henry ScottRTD
RO---Robert Emmet SweeneyRTD
BT---Wilford M. PriceRTD
WG---Angelo Adam PatrizioRTD
TG---William T. PoulosRTD

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