Geschichte der
B-17 #44-8179 / Cadet Nurse aka Yankee Wolf

Delivered Dallas 30/6/44; Langley 27/7/44; Dow Fd 22/8/44; Assigned 336BS/95BG [ET-L] Horham 25/8/44; 335BS [OE-T]; 344BS [BG-S] battle damaged Cologne 17/10/44 with John Miller, Bombardier: Art Scroggins, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Manuel Houlis, – Harris pass), all [wia; Navigator: Lt David E Tyrrell; – Davis (Killed in Action); ? (5 Prisoner of War); crash landed Belgium. Repaired and returned to group, battle damaged Nurnberg 20/2/45 with John Roy; attacked by Me 163, force landed between Beauraing and Winnene, near Florennes, Bel; rep; with R.E. Parker, force landed A-78 Florennes AF, Bel; 26m, sal 9AF Germany 10/5/46. CADET NURSE aka YANKEE WOLF.

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  1. von NOËL Bernard am 24. Juli 2019 13:40 Uhr

    congratulation for your website. I thought it could be useful to mention that in some sources, a confusion seem to exist between information concerning two different B 17 named „Cadet nurse“. The one that made a belly landing near Beauraing in Belgium on February 20th, 1945 (pilot: Young and waist gunner Roy) bears serial number 44 6583. The crash did not take place in Florennes or near this airfield. This Flying Fortress is not the one with serial number 44 8179 „aka Yankee Wolf“. Sorry if my short comment is not correct.


    • von am 24. Juli 2019 13:51 Uhr

      Thank you for the information. Sometimes, it is really confusing by so many B-17s and sources.

      So you mean, the right B-17 is 44-6583, which made a belly landing near Beauraing in Belgium.

      And this B-17 44-8179 did not crash landed there. Correct? And the name is not „Yankee Wolf“? Only Caded Nurse?


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